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The 2nd International Workshop on
Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing (IWSAWC 2002)
Vienna, Austria July 2, 2002

Over the last several years, we have seen a rapid evolution in the construction, capabilities and application of smart appliances and devices, PDAs, and wearable computers. Coupled with collaborative computing technologies these devices enable a wealth of new applications and prospective solutions. This workshop offers the opportunity for in-depth exploration of selected topics and for presentation of the most recent research and development findings in this rapidly changing field. Technical papers on smart devices and wearable computing are solicited for oral presentation at IWSAWC 2002. IWSAWC 2002 is the second workshop of the IWSAWC series. Papers reporting new developments in computing with smart devices such as PDAs, wearable computers, and cellular phones including but not limited to those aspects listed below, are invited.

- Home Networks
- Portable Devices and Smart Sensors
- Wearable Computers and PDAs
- Software Architecture for Home/Smart Appliances
- Handheld CSCW (Comuter-Supported Cooperative Work)
- Wireless-phone Computing
- Location-dependent Computing
- Context-aware Computing
- Pervasive Computing

For the proceedings of this workshop, please visit the IEEE home page. (

About the following IWSAWC workshop, please see our Links page.